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Why canada is good for immigration

Canada expects to welcome approximately 350,000 newcomers as permanent residents each year, with planned increases for the future. While COVID-19 has slowed down processing in 2020, the federal government’s goal of welcoming 5 million newcomers between 2021-2025 remains.


Let’s have a look at some of the reasons so many newcomers choose Canada as their new home.


Canada is pro-immigration


Canada welcomes an increasing number of new immigrants each year. Canada wants immigrants and immigration has become crucial to Canada’s prosperity.

Notably, because Canada has one of the world’s lowest birth rates and an aging population. As a result, Canada needs immigrants to contribute to the economy. Otherwise, the country’s labour force will shrink and result in low economic growth.

In other words, Canada needs immigrants to strengthen the tax base to help fund cherished social programs such as universal health care, roads, schools, and retirement funds. Immigrants are fundamentally an important and inseparable part of the economy in every part of the workforce, education system, and Canadian culture.


Canada is multicultural


Canada welcomes you as you are. Canada wants your diversity, traditions, foods, clothing, religion, lifestyle choices, and all the things that make you your best. Canada does not encourage newcomers to assimilate or to adhere to Canadian values. In fact, “Canadian culture”, however you choose to describe it, is an amalgam of global cultures fueled by the diversity of nations we welcome to Canada. Multiculturalism and inclusivity are Canadian strengths and the cornerstone of the Canadian way of life.


Surveys conducted by Statistics Canada, have found that over 90 percent of immigrants feel a sense of belonging in Canada.




Rich or poor, Canadian children have access to free high-quality education at public schools. Post-graduate education is also among the most affordable in the world and ranked among the world’s best. Students have access to affordable student loans or tuition reduction programs, as well as a long list of scholarship opportunities, even for newcomers.


Education is also a pathway to immigration that can be accessed by many.


Universal healthcare


Free universal healthcare is the pride of Canadians and the envy of the world. Unlike many private health care systems in other countries, in Canada, anyone can visit all hospitals, doctors, and ERs at no cost. Regardless of your social status or pre-existing medical conditions, in Canada, you have the human right to seek world-class medical assistance.


Canada’s climate


The common misconceptions would have you believe that Canada is a frozen arctic country. This is not true.


Canada, as the second-largest country in the world, has diverse climates as well as 4 distinct seasons, including hot summers and mild winters. For example, some areas of Canada, such as Western Canada, also have extremely temperate winters, with very little snow in some areas.


You will have the chance to enjoy many great summer activities, such as visiting Canada’s national parks, beaches, camping, hiking, kayaking, as well as experience winter activities such as skiing, ice skating, snow-shoeing, and more…


Stable economy


Canada has a world-class reliable banking system and a stable currency. Canada offers easy access to banking, loans, and government assistance for business, simplicity in finances including transferring international money, attracting investment capital, establishing a new business, and buying property or land.


Canada’s banking system is often ranked as world’s most stable.




Canada has a very low crime rate and ranks among the safest places in the world. For example, gun violence and homicide rates are much lower in Canada than in the US.


Canada’s democratic government


In Canada, everyone has the ability and right to join the government, including newcomers, women, minorities, the rich, and the poor. Canada’s government represents the people of Canada.


Canada is also among the world’s least corrupt nations, according to the 2019 Corruption Perceptions Index reported by Transparency International.


Canada’s nature


Canada offers endless beautiful natural landscapes, including the Rocky Mountains, the Appalachian Mountains, endless uncountable lakes, expansive and untouched forests, Niagara Falls, Banff National Park, the Northern Lights, 3 oceans fronts, … and the list goes on.


Canada has unbelievable pristine and endless nature to enjoy. The pictures speak for themselves.


Fast and clear immigration


Canada’s process to attain permanent residence and citizenship is relatively short and straightforward. A permanent resident can qualify for citizenship within only 3 years (among the world’s shortest pathways). There are also over 80 pathways to Canada through study, investment, travel, family, and work.

Become a part of Canada. Contact Talent Solution Canada to learn more about which pathway is right for you.